SIDtools – Conference Solution

Easily manage your entire conference from one account. Maintain team schedules, scores, rosters and stats with the click of a button. SIDtools Conference Solution provides flexibility for the individual needs of a conference, including customizable conference awards, user and score reports, user management and the ability to maintain your conference history.

• Automatic syncing from SIDtools to the conference site.

• Link to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

• Manage articles and photos.



SIDtools – Team Solution

Easily manage your team’s schedule, scores, stats and roster with direct entry into the SIDtools site. SIDtools allows users to view and print individual and team reports. SIDtools is compatible with CyberSports, DakStats, Digital Scout and Stat Crew software platforms. Stats can be imported directly from the software into SIDtools.

• Automatic syncing from SIDtools to the conference site.

• Simple score and stat entry.

• Reports provide individual and team analysis.

SIDtools Version 3